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David Film Festival (DFF) is a 3-month Film Competition with a Public Screening Event, which is held every three months in America and Turkey. We invite all artists from all over the world in the fields of cinema, writing, music and photography to submit their projects to this international quality festival. Submitted projects are evaluated by our expert teams from the cinema and art industry. 

what will you get?

DFF will be a new home for you, which will carry filmmakers, writers, musicians and photographers from all over the world to success in their careers.

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FREE Social Platform Supporting!

Yes! Social Platform Supporting
Watching films in our busy daily life is difficult for most professional distributors and filmmakers. However, it is a fact that social media is indispensable for all of us, so we are constantly sharing, throwing hashtags and this enables us to reach the right audience. We have a network of films and festivals which is consisting of our lower branches and partners. In this way, with these networks, we ensure that the right people reach you, through hashtags, comments, advertisements, shares, and social platforms. In addition, we share the films that you send, with many different film festivals and platforms; We are trying to get you considerable discounts by providing the network with other festivals.


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Eylem Tok
Festival Director
Ghazal Ranjbar
Festival Jury
Eldar Bora
Festival Jury
Festival Jury
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